Fingerbang Boards - Est 2022

We found our love and passion for Finger boarding in late 2021 after a 4-year-old nephew asked us if we would like to play skatepark with him and his new fingerboards.

​We were instantly amazed and after a few days and many hours practicing pops and ollies on the kitchen bench, we were hooked and knew we had found our new hobby and passion.

We come from Australia and handmake our decks and selected items in both Australia and Thailand. FingerBang FB is represented in Thailand at the Fingerbang Bar, Pattaya City. Drop in and see our big fingerboard park and have a shred next time you’re in town.

Our mission is to produce handmade wood FingerBoards and obstacles/accessories with unique art and graphics suitable for adults and kids alike and grow the awareness and popularity of this already fast-growing hobby and pastime.

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